Catalyst Air Date
Management System

CAMS for Short Form
With short form contracts, you buy media for a period of weeks at a time.

CAMS for Long Form
Look up by station call letters, air date, or unique air date number.

CAMS Accounting Modules
Tightly integrated with Long Form and Spot Management.

Why work weekends when CAMS can automate the process.

Custom Reports
The Custom Report Generator (CRG) has been designed specifically for use with CAMS, providing access to the information in all of the CAMS data files.

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Accounts Payable and Receivable
Flexible Paying and Billing


Accounting Modules Tightly integrated with Long Form and Spot Management. So easy you don't have to pay someone else. Complete accounting control for long form and short form (spot) airings.

Long Form
Track both payables to stations and brokers/representatives and receivables from clients. Bill gross amounts or commission-only. Different clients can receive different advertiser discounts and you can set up different deals for different products for the same client.

Spot Contract Module FlexDeal
The spot contract module, with its comprehensive FlexDeal for weekly time slot billing, allows stations, brokers, station representatives, and clients to be either paid or billed, using flexible discount and commission terms. Alternatively, you can bill or pay these parties based on an amount independent of the station gross. Adjust rules at the contract level, weekly time slot order level, or the weekly billing level, allowing for changes mid-contract and accommodation of seasonal pricing.

Adjustments Automatically Posted
If an air date is billed or paid, changes are automatically posted as adjustments, to appear as credits or debits on each client's next statement. The application of adjustments can be performed automatically or temporarily turned off; it's up to you.

Audit trail for Air Date Changes
Once an air date is billed or paid, even changes that don't affect the price of the air date, such as date and time changes, are captured in a history file to provide you an audit trail.

Network Version Tracks Users
In the network version, CAMS keeps track of who last edited information about an air date, changes posted to the receivable or payable file, and on what date the change was made. Detailed payable or receivable history can be viewed on screen or output to your printer.

Select Airings to Pay or Bill
You can select airings to pay or bill based on a range of dates, stations, client accounts, client codes, etc. You can select air dates individually or have CAMS select all matching air dates automatically. You can also select a maximum number of checks or invoices to print or maximum number of dollars to pay or bill. If you've made a mistake or change your mind, you can unselect individual air dates or all selected air dates. You can then print a list of air dates marked ready to bill.

CAMS will print checks to the proper stations, reps or brokers or invoices to the proper clients, automatically posting necesssary transactions to the accounts payable or receivable system. If air dates are changed after they are paid or billed, accounts payable or receivable adjustments are generated automatically. Manual adjustments may also be added which will be applied to subsequent checks or invoices to cover credits, unusual accounting needs, etc.

CAMS lets you view accounts payable and receivable transactions to look at individual payment and invoice amounts and adjustments, and lets you add payments and adjustments to keep you files up to date. Each individual line item of each individual check or invoice is saved in an audit trail, allowing you to list a check or invoice with all of its detail, or to view it directly from the main air date screen.

Powerful, Flexible Accounting Reports
Catalyst's detailed, flexible Accounting Reports give you numbers you need, in detail or summary, to fully manage and analyze your payment and billing process. Only a media system with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable built in can give you this kind of detail. Analyze what you've paid, what you've billed, payments you've received, unapplied adjustments, and a host of other metrics. Select a range of transaction dates, select one or more stations, include only transactions affecting gross dollars or only adjustments or all transactions, show the station net or gross amounts, include paid in full invoices paid within a certain time period, and including aging columns if you want them. Another useful report shows accounts payable or recivable Unapplied Adjustments (incurred but not yet applied to checks or invoices), Billable Air Dates Not Yet Billed to Clients, and a List of Air Dates for a range of client invoice dates.
If you purchase the Custom Report Generator, you can also design reports to fit your special needs.