Catalyst Air Date
Management System

CAMS for Short Form
With short form contracts, you buy media for a period of weeks at a time.

CAMS for Long Form
Look up by station call letters, air date, or unique air date number.

CAMS Accounting Modules
Tightly integrated with Long Form and Spot Management.

Why work weekends when CAMS can automate the process.

Custom Reports
The Custom Report Generator (CRG) has been designed specifically for use with CAMS, providing access to the information in all of the CAMS data files.

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CAMS Long Form
Power and Flexibility for Long Form Air Date Management


Flexible lookup and editing of Air Dates
Look up by station call letters, air date, or unique air date number. From the Air Date Screen, view or change client information related to the air date. View sales volume, profitability ratio calculations and cost per order information on screen.

Integrated Modules
View the audit trail of payments and billings, which videotapes are at the
stations, product account information, or station information, etc.

Audit trail of changes
If you change key information about an air date, these changes can be automatically saved to an audit trail file.

Look up by call letters or market. Track market, country, time zone, contact name and address, payee name and address, videotape shipping name and address, and bank information. CAMS lets you use different names and addresses for contacts and video trafficking.

Look up by broker code or company name. Track company name and address, contact name and phone number, commission rate, etc.

Look up by client code or name. Track client company name and address, contact name and phone number, product name, commission rate (if terms are commission only), advertiser discount, etc.

Look up by market code, market name or buyer. Track market code, market name or buyer. You can enter optional demographic information including rank, percent of US market, total households, television households, and percent with televisions. Easily assign stations to markets.

Phone numbers
Look up by phone number, product code or by product account. Track the telephone number, product code, product account, phone bank and a description of the phonebank. Keep the phone number active or inactive.

Basic CAMS™ includes a powerful array of operational and managerial reports, most with extensive selection options. These reports are included with the Basic CAMS™ package; more extensive, customized reports can be created and standard reports can be modified by your staff using the Custom Report Generator.