Catalyst Air Date
Management System

CAMS for Short Form
With short form contracts, you buy media for a period of weeks at a time.

CAMS for Long Form
Look up by station call letters, air date, or unique air date number.

CAMS Accounting Modules
Tightly integrated with Long Form and Spot Management.

Why work weekends when CAMS can automate the process.

Custom Reports
The Custom Report Generator (CRG) has been designed specifically for use with CAMS, providing access to the information in all of the CAMS data files.

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Supercharge your Short and Long Form Media Buying

™ is a powerful, streamlined computerized system for buying, selling, managing and monitoring television spot and long form airtime purchases. It features fast lookups, automated payment and billing, fast, flexible operational and managerial reports and tracking of product orders resulting from air dates, and allows you to handle and monitor a large volume of air dates with a relatively small support staff.

CAMS™ is available in single-computer and multi-user network versions, using the same commands and procedures. The network version incorporates sophisticated multi-user security features, allowing several people to view the same air date, while preventing simultaneous changing of the same information by more than one person.

In use for more than twenty years at major agencies and marketing companies, the Catalyst Airdate Management System™ allows you to provide your clients and suppliers with the kind of service that inspires confidence and repeat business.

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