Catalyst Air Date
Management System

CAMS for Short Form
With short form contracts, you buy media for a period of weeks at a time.

CAMS for Long Form
Look up by station call letters, air date, or unique air date number.

CAMS Accounting Modules
Tightly integrated with Long Form and Spot Management.

Why work weekends when CAMS can automate the process.

Custom Reports
The Custom Report Generator (CRG) has been designed specifically for use with CAMS, providing access to the information in all of the CAMS data files.

Catalyst Computer Services, Inc.

Catalyst Computer Services, Inc. (CCS) specializes in computer software and services that streamline direct response media buying and marketing companies and make them more profitable.

Its flagship product is the Catalyst Airdate Management System™ (CAMS™), a complete, integrated solution for buying spot and infomercial media, paying stations, billing clients, tracking responses and profitability, and analytical and managerial reporting. CAMS runs on computer networks as well as single computers.

CCS was founded in 1980 by Yale graduate Richard Shaw as a consulting and custom software firm specializing in large data management and accounting systems for growing businesses, often in entrepreneurial or financial niches. It has designed major systems for Corporate Risk Management, General Insurance Agency Management, Multiple Mailing List Management, Paratransit Ride-Sharing/Van Pooling Management and Order Fulfillment before shifting its focus in the late 1980s to serve the direct response media buying and marketing industry.